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Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto
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Contents: The Diamond Sutra/Prayer for an end to the pandemic (Mandarin with English subtitle)
Time: 10:30am


The Diamond Sutra is one of the most important sutras in Chinese Buddhism. It is called Diamond Sutra because the Buddha’s teachings within it are like a diamond that cuts away all delusion, reveals reality, and brings people to enlightenment. 


The four core teachings are “to give without clinging to any notion, to liberate all beings with no notion of self, to live without abiding, and to cultivate without attainment”. 


The essential teachings of the Diamond Sutra are prajñā (wisdom) and emptiness.


Once we thoroughly understand emptiness, this understanding will benefit us and allow us to be successful in whatever we do, in both worldly and spiritual pursuits.


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