Ancestors Memorial Service (Online)


According to the Chinese tradition, Spring is the time to memorialize ancestors and departed beloved ones. The Headquarter of Fo Guang Shan Monastery will conduct the Amitabha Triple Contemplation Service, all Fo Guang Shan worldwide branch temples will join the service through the internet. Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto will broadcast the Service online on April 5th, from 1:00pm to 6:00pm EST.

In order to prevent the spread of "COVID-19", to ensure the health and safety
of our Dharma friends, you can join our Service at home by going online. 



We are still accepting registration for the Ancestors Memorial Service. 


  1. If you are applying on paper:
    • Download the form here 
    • Print and fill out the form
    • Mail the completed form along with the cheque payable to "I.B.P.S. of Toronto"
      • Mail to: Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto 
                    6525 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga, ON, L5N 7K6

  2. If you are applying and making payment online: 
    • Download the form here 
    • Fill out the form either:
      a. Online: Open the file, fill out the form and save the file OR
      b. Print, fill out and scan the form
    • Use PayPal link to pay donation online 
      You must check the box:
       Share my name, email address, and donation details. 
    • Email your online donation confirmation along with your completed form to

Note: After you donate, PayPal will email you an official donation tax receipt issued by PayPal Giving Fund.