2021 “North America Buddha’s Light Cultivation Year – To Make the World a Better Place”


Purpose of the Event:

Our sincere hope that all Fo Guang Shan members and people who are interested in cultivating will unite together and put forth an effort to help calm people’s minds, and to restore harmony and peace within our society by dedicating their merit and compassionate well-wishes.


Event Date:

Starting now – Nov 7, 2021

(Final Dedication of Merit in the Medicine Buddha’s Dharma service)



All North America Venerables, FGS devotees, all BLIA members, Friends of Buddhism or anyone who is interested.


Cultivation Practice:

  1. Chanting the Medicine Buddha mantra a million times
  2. Chanting the Heart Sutra a million times
  3. Chanting the Buddha’s name a million times


How to participate this event?

  1. Register online to participate www.ibpscultivation.org
  2. You can choose to chant the Heart Sutra, the Medicine Buddha Dharani, the Buddha’s name, or all three.
  3. Chant as many times of the sutra or dharani or Buddha’s name as you can everyday or you can set an amount to chant every day, and keep a record of the amount you chant.
  4. Report the amount of sutra, dharani and Buddha’s name you chant once a week. Last report would be on November 5, 2021. Please report online at www.ibpscultivation.org
  5. You can download Chanting Record card here if you need paper format.

** The names of those who chant over 1000 Heart sutras or 50,000 Medicine Buddha Dharani or 100,000 Buddha’s names within one month will be placed on the Wall of Honor.